Yo! I was interviewed on Tosh.0 about my stand-up and Tourette’s.

People keep asking me about it, so here are some details:

  • Daniel Tosh was extremely kind! Both on, and off the camera. The conversation was real and honest. He gave me some genuinely good advice.
    • All of the staff was also very kind, and so was Andy Kindler
  • The intro when he says “I know we’ve had some run in’s in the past,” the swear jar, the cats, and the ending swear jar were scripted. The rest was an actual interview.
  • No, I do not actually have a sitcom
  • I do not support the shows view’s lol. In general, I tend to personally morally agree with non-offensive comedy.

Retroactive self-criticism:

  • The joke about sexual arousal giving me Tourette’s and “that’s why, when I saw you earlier,” is a bad and thinly veiled gay joke.
  • Not saying the N-word because you are afraid black people are going to beat you up is a racist reason not to say the N-word.
  • Saying that people find the Tourette’s cute feels douchey to me lol.

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