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Benny with dandelion


It’s just called “Benny Feldman’s Podcast.” It’s just me goofing around and shooting the shit with some friends. Surf’s up!

Can be found on Youtube, Spotify, & Apple Podcasts. Bonus episodes on Patreon!!


Some stupid bullshit mostly

Cereal Art

I didn’t have much money in college, and I wanted to make comedy out of a weird medium. So one of the only arts & crafts resources available to me was the packaging that food came in. I would cut up the boxes and rearrange the scraps.

You may be glad to know that my friends started contributing to my collection and that I did not eat a thousand boxes of Captain Crunch by myself hahahaha.

Cornflake Simulator Game

I programmed a Cornflake Simulator comedy video game. In this game, you play as a Cornflake. You can’t actually really control or do anything because you are a cornflake. Just sit back and relax.

Game will take a moment to load. Best to play in fullscreen with your volume on!

Secrets – You can actually rotate one of the cornflakes by clicking the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys. Try to see if you can find which one. You can pause the game by clicking ‘P.’ Pausing and Unpausing makes the spoon stir way faster, causing the flakes to go flying sometimes.

Credits – Modeling assets & programming are rearranged scraps from a school group project where you play as a fly in a bowl of soup. If you look closely, you can tell that all the cornflakes are actually tiny chunks of salmon. Original music by Nathan Hurdle.

Butterfly Pavilion Poster Credits

Every butterfly was hand drawn, photographed, 3D modeled, or collaged by a friend.