Other Work

Other Work

Cereal Box Art

I wanted to make comedy out of something weird and new. I didn’t have money to buy art supplies, so for a while I collected cereal box scraps and had fun arranging them in weird ways.

Cornflake Simulator Game

I programmed a Cornflake Simulator comedy video game. In this game, you play as a Cornflake. You can’t actually really control or do anything because you are a cornflake. Just sit back and relax.

Game will take a moment to load. Best to play in fullscreen with your volume on!

Credits: Modeling assets & programming are rearranged scraps from a school group project where you play as a fly in a bowl of soup. If you look closely, you can tell that all the cornflakes are actually tiny chunks of salmon. Original music by Nathan Hurdle.


My good friends make a bunch of different stuff

Mike Chen – Illustration

Devon Voelkel – FilmSam Huntington – Music

Livi – Illustration

Mulch Aiken – Music

Dante Massi – Digital Artist





Live Shows