Other Work

Other Work

Cereal Box Art

I wanted to make comedy out of something weird and new. I didn’t have money to buy art supplies, so for a while I collected cereal box scraps and had fun arranging them in weird ways.


I got started in comedy as a member of my college’s improv group, “The Drexel Football Team.” All of these rad posters were done by my close friend, Mike Chen.

Twitter Feed

I go back and forth on twitter between telling jokes and pretending to be a frog

I'm a one-liner comedian with Tourette's. I get called "Twitch Hedberg" pretty often.

Preview below, full set at link: https://t.co/JZJtlZ1M3c

I think when a bunch of powerful wealthy people meet behind closed doors, they prolly just shoot the shit with some pbrs and play smash and then watch the sunset from their roof, feet dangling off, talkin bout how to help da world, they prolly kiss, all of em at once, kissin,

I was at a show the other day and I overheard someone call me "the mustache comedian" instead of "the tourette's comedian," so mustache is staying for a while folks

anyone remember that old MTV show Take A Hike?
i was on an episode back in the day with @michaelswatkins and @bertyslanders

directed by @lucciinthesky
check out the full vid:




Other Work