Other Work

Cereal Box Art
I wanted to make comedy out of something weird and new. I didn’t have money to buy art supplies, so for a while I collected cereal box scraps and had fun arranging them in weird ways.

Here are my favorites:


Here are a few more that I liked:



Cornflake Simulator Game
I programmed a comedy video game called “Cornflake Simulator.” Noticing a theme? 

Cornflake In Game Start Cornflake Late Game

There are different simulator games online, such as goat simulator or truck driving simulator. In this game, you play as a Cornflake. So you can’t actually really control or do anything because you are a cornflake.

You can play the game here: Cornflake Simulator

Here’s a final piece of digital cereal art to just hammer home that I really liked cereal as a joke premise for a while:

Digitial Art Sample

Improv Comedy
The Drexel Football Team is the name of Drexel’s improv group, because they don’t have a real football team. I was on the team from Fall 2013 – Spring 2017, and was captain my final year. We met for two hours twice a week and put on many shows together. They were like a family to me and were my introduction to formally doing comedy on stage.


My great friend, Mike Chen, drew all those fantastic posters and the team logo.

Paintings & Charcoal
This is a short collection of paintings and other real world art that I made

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Miscellaneous Stuff