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Yo! I’m a one-liner stand-up comedian with Tourette’s from Philadelphia. Most of my jokes are very short and about dirt and birds and stuff. I am ten thousand years old. If I could be any animal, I would be a mountain goat, they seem rad.



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Bidet Masterclass

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Tosh.0 Interview

Some Self Crit Lol

Yo, it was very rad to go on Tosh.0! Tosh, Andy Kindler, and everyone involved was super kind.

Just want to give some quick self crit tho:

  • Not saying the n-word because you are worried black people will beat you up is a racist reason not to say the n-word lol
  • Part where I say the Tourette’s make me look cute feels very douchey

Also I do not have a sitcom for real. I’m honestly very surprised the people asked me if that was real


Shows are in Philadelphia, unless it says otherwise.

Probably won’t be doing shows for a while, due to coronavirus

Here’s some jokes in the meantime!

Tourette’s FAQ

FAQ Intro

Yo! I just want to make it clear up top that you should not base your understanding of Tourette’s on my personal situation.

Everybody with Tourette’s has different versions and experiences. I have been lucky enough to have it only get worse later in my life, and I’m lucky enough to be able to catch and control the tics to some degree. I don’t think I have severe Tourette’s, despite the appearance. I think I have severe looking tics, but a more mild condition overall. Many people have had tics since they were children, can’t control them as well, or have even more severe outbursts.

I just want to stress the fact that I think that my version is significantly less severe than it appears, and that Tourette’s is not the same for everyone with it.

~Surf’s up~

General Tourette's Stuff

Do people with Tourette’s actually curse?

Yes, but only like 10% or less of people with Tourette’s have the cursing tics, called coprolalia. It’s a common misconception that all people with Tourette’s curse.

Right away, this is a good example of how Tourette’s can be so different. Most people with Tourette’s have a variety of other tics including body twitches, making noises, or saying non-curse words. It’s a whole spectrum of severity as well, and many people go completely undiagnosed.


Is the Tourette’s painful?

Usually no, I know I look like I might be in pain, but it generally doesn’t hurt whatsoever. Sometimes though, I’ll pull my neck from jerking it back, but that’s not too often, or I’ll get sort of muscle sore from doing the same body tics repeatedly, but certain muscles are more used to that by now. The release of tension can even feel good, but it’s not like distinctly pleasurable. It’s more like how scratching an itch feels good because it temporarily alleviates the itch, but maybe not quite as good lol.


Is there a physical sensation with the tics?

Yes, it’s sort of a mental tension that briefly grips my mind, or specific muscles. I don’t always notice it if I’m not thinking about it, especially if it is a faster or smaller tic. I sort of divide them into faster bursts that I think of as tics, and slower waves that I think of as more like OCD compulsions. The compulsions are much more of an obvious thing to feel mentally, because they stick around for a lot longer. As examples, a tic might be something like a quick arm spasm, whereas a compulsion might be me repeatedly slapping my neck for a few minutes.

It can also feel good to purposefully trigger them, which is known as “stimming,” short for stimulating. The idea is like purposefully stimulating the movement, in order to get the tension release feeling, even if the tension was relatively low. I use stimming to relatively control the timing of my tics during my act, I’ll talk more about that later.

My Personal History with Tourette's

Have you always had Tourette’s?

Yes, but not the more intense type! I had a milder form of undiagnosed Tourette’s since around the age of 7. I would clear my throat and twitch my head fairly often, but I just assumed these were just nervous tics, as opposed to Tourette’s. When I was 21, I developed the more intense form, including coprolalia (the cursing bit).


So you just suddenly developed more intense tics out of nowhere at 21?

Basically, yep! There are two possible causes:

  1. Psychedelics – I did a few psychedelics (acid, shrooms) about 8 months before developing Tourette’s. Those drugs affect serotonin levels, and Tourette’s may be related to serotonin imbalance. So it may be my own damn fault! I may have altered my brain chemistry. Also, I didn’t just get Tourette’s from the psychedelics. In the time between doing the drugs and the full development of my Tourette’s, I had intense paranoia, auditory hallucinations, and a few intense panic attacks where I barricaded my room because I thought people were trying to kill me lol. However, those symptoms all faded away as the Tourette’s faded in, which is probable evidence in my mind that it was drug induced.
  2. Weird Genetics – However, since then, another member of my family has actually also developed Tourette’s at the age of 18, so it seems like we may just have unusual genetics. Here is a link that discusses adult onset tic disorders. I have pretty much exactly the situation described in the results section.

I’m still not certain lol, but it seems likely to be a mix of both. It seems as though I have some genetic pre-dispositions to certain mental disorders, and the drugs helped trigger them.


How were you diagnosed?

Over the course of several months, as the other symptoms faded out, I slowly started shaking randomly and initially thought I might be having mild seizures. I went to a doctor who said it was likely Tourette’s and that I should see a neurologist. By the time I went to the neurologist, I had already started cursing, making clicking noises, and doing other vocalizations, so at that point it was obviously some form of Tourette’s. They also did some brain scans, but I don’t think Tourette’s shows up on those.


Wait, so you developed the intense Tics right before you started doing stand-up? That seems suspicious.

That’s a fair concern! Some people think I’m just doing a marketing scam to suddenly become “The Tourette’s comedian” in order to play that unique sympathy card for exposure. I’m aware that this is something people are wary of. I want to make it clear I specifically do not want to be known just for the Tourette’s, and would much rather have people like my stand-up for the material. To be honest, I do use it as an initial foot in the door, but I have no intention of basing my act around it.

But also, nope! I started doing comedy way before I was diagnosed, in late 2013, specifically doing improv. 2014 is when I started doing stand-up, and I even have footage of my early act without any noticeable tics. The Tourette’s got worse over the course of several months in late 2015. I took time to adjust my personal life to this new situation, and figuring out how to fit it into my act. That second part didn’t take long to be honest, since my jokes are short enough for me to methodically hold and release the tension while performing. (Improv was harder since scenes are longer, and the joke was that all my characters just also had Tourette’s). The first video that hit the front page of reddit was filmed in mid 2017, after more than a year and a half of adjustment.

Tourette's in my Stand-Up

Why don’t you hold it while you are on stage?

It’s like blinking. Most of the time you just blink without thinking about it, but you can hold your eyes open if you want to. When you try to hold your eyes open for an extended period of time, you feel the tension build up like you really need to blink. Then when you do blink, you have to do it a bunch. Imagine if you tried to hold your eyes open the entire time you are on stage telling jokes lol. It would be very difficult and you would probably break part way through.


Do you exaggerate it on stage? You mostly only curse between jokes, that’s seems too well timed.

Right so, I don’t exaggerate it, but I do let it happen. I can hold the tics for short periods of time, but since the tension builds up and gets worse when I do finally release it, I try to purposefully let it happen between jokes so that the tension is released, and not an issue then when I am actually telling the joke. This is what I meant about using stimming to control the timing better. This allows me to temporarily get rid of the tension that would otherwise pop more randomly, interrupting the jokes (which still happens lol).


I think it’s fake! Do you have proof that it is not fake?

A lot of people think I’m faking the Tourette’s, which is very funny to me, but I understand the skepticism. The fact that I developed Tourette’s so late in life, even after I started stand-up, is a suspicious situation that makes it look like I’m faking the disability to get ahead in comedy. I understand that concern. It seems like fake Tourette’s is a common joke, like with Cartman in South Park and the Tourette’s Guy channel on youtube.

Well, the main proof I have of it being real would be testimony from people who interact with me regularly. Roommates, coworkers, classmates, friends, family, people that I scare on the train, and so on. I also have my neurologist’s diagnosis, and my extended family’s medical history of OCD and Tourette’s. It’d be one thing if I was doing some extremely long term bit where I pretend to have Tourette’s (ever see the movie The Prestige), but I think it would be a whole other thing if my relatives also pretended to have Tourette’s.


Are the Tourette’s joke riffs planned?

Depends on the riff! The bottle riff in the 2018 video was not intentional, that was just pure luck, but I do have some of the riffs semi planned. The thing is, certain tics have to happen before I can do the riffs. The Zelda noise one is actually one I have done before, but I only do that riff if I happen to have that specific noise tic while I’m on stage. Same with the “fuck — the police” joke.


Are you always cursing and shaking off stage as much as you are on stage?

No, my Tourette’s is usually not as frequent off-stage. Honestly, it’s like night and day between when I am calm and when I am anxious. There are different things or triggers that make it worse. Some of my main triggers things are general anxiety, stress, nervousness, sudden strong emotions, sexual arousal, caffeine, sugar, adrenaline, embarrassment, and so on. Being on stage in front of people telling jokes makes me anxious fairly consistently and that noticeably makes it worse.

One of my weirder triggers is that I usually tic if someone winks at me. (Use this power wisely!)

For Da Stoners

Are you on medicine? How about CBD Oil?

Not currently, but I was previously on guanfacine, a blood pressure and ADHD medicine. The thing with Tourette’s medicines currently is that they are all medicines for other things, like anxiety or ADHD (both of which I also have though), that sometimes happens to work for Tourette’s, but none of them are for Tourette’s specifically. The medication I was on was actually working for me, but it also hurt my heart, so I stopped. CBD oil seems to help, but I’ve only recently started trying that out. The next step is figuring a good amount to take and then seeing how it affects my stage performance.


If psychedelics caused it – Have you ever thought about trying to micro-dose psychedelics to reverse it?

I have totally thought about it, but I am very worried it would make things worse! I’m too concerned that I may have some unknown pre-dispositions that I don’t want to fuck with. So – yes, I have absolutely thought about trying to micro-dose it away, but I also don’t think I should lol.

More about Tourette’s

More about Copralalia

Not to be confused with

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