Joke Writing Classes

Yo, I am teaching some classes! These are each 3 weeks, 3 hours, on zoom. I’ll tell you all my secrets.


Not currently doing classes at this time. I briefly posted a class, but I took it back down and plan to reformat how I do this lol.


What Time Zone?

These are all EST – Eastern Standard Time. I live in New York City.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class session, or are worried you will miss a class, don’t worry, every session is recorded and I will send you that week’s video.

What if I surpass you in knowledge and reject your teachings

Then we will fight to the death atop a waterfall

Testimonials from Former Students

He knows his shit. Like clearly studies not only structure and the math behind a joke and doesn’t just blindly write until something sticks/gets a laugh. Instead he knows plenty of comedians (up and coming, trail-blazers, those in the Brooklyn/Philly scene, all-time popular/successful comics, popular conservative comics, hacks), each of their specific styles, their recent specials, how they write, etc. He also knows a lot about comedy history, who first did what type of joke or mechanic and has all the vocab to properly name it.

Former Student

Nobody thinks about humor like Benny. His meditations on his craft have produced frameworks and vocabulary that would take decades to arrive at on your own and will irreparably alter your perceptions on how jokes are, and can be, constructed. Benny’s teachings can be applied to any point of the comedy writing process, from initial brainstorming of ideas to polishing the final draft of a set. Benny is an approachable teacher who makes time to understand all of his students and their comedic interests and backgrounds. His philosophy works so well because it is all centered around one true core belief—that with the right tools, anyone can be funny. You will not watch comedy the same way after taking Benny’s class!

Former Student

Benny has a great grasp on the building blocks of humor. His analysis of jokes is really interesting. His knowledge of stand-up specials is impressive. He can speak to specific comedian’s styles very well and analyze the techniques they employ in very educated terms.

Former Student