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Tosh.0 Interview

Yo! I was interviewed on Tosh.0 about my stand-up and Tourette’s. People keep asking me about it, so here are some details:

  • Daniel Tosh was extremely kind! Both on, and off the camera. All of the staff was also very kind, and so was Andy Kindler.
  • The intro, the swear jar, the cats, and the ending swear jar, were all scripted or semi-scripted. The rest was an actual interview.
  • I do not actually have a sitcom.
  • I generally do not endorse the show’s opinions lol. For the most part, I tend to personally morally agree with non-offensive comedy.

Here’s some self-criticism:

  • The part about sexual arousal giving me Tourette’s followed by “that’s why, when I saw you earlier,” is a bad and thinly veiled gay joke.
  • I think “good luck explaining that in time” for the n-word was implying that I would face immediate physical threat. Not saying the n-word because you are afraid black people are going to beat you up is a racist reason not to say the n-word lol.
  • Saying that people find the Tourette’s cute feels douchey to me.





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